With Web Hosting Priced Right, you will have access to a truly simple to use website generation tool. It’s truly easy to get the knack of and it has a dashboard that is going to be instantaneously recognizable to everyone who has ever employed an admin interface. The website generation tool boasts an array of unique templates which you could change with just a mouse click and craft a site to your taste. And best of all, each template is mobile–friendly, so your brand new website will look great on any device right away.

The website generation tool is a component of the Web Hosting Priced Right Web Control Panel, included with all cloud website hosting service, VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and Linux dedicated servers offers.

A user–friendly website generation tool

No programming know–how is needed

The key feature of the Web Hosting Priced Right’s website generation tool is that it is truly uncomplicated. It functions with layout components which you can add, customize and re–order as you wish. If you want, you can embed images and videos, set up an online journal, or install an image gallery on your site, all with a click.

You can accomplish all that and develop a super cool site without having to pen a single line of HTML, CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A collection of easy to re–design site designs

Amazing website templates that look excellent across all devices

In order to design an eye–pleasing site, you’ll need to have a stable infrastructure. Because of this, the Web Hosting Priced Right’s website generation tool has a decent library of distinctive site themes, ideal for any kind of site – individual pages, online shops, community portals, and so on.

Every site theme is easy–to–customize, with numerous designs, different color configurations and native support for over a hundred different fonts. And you could edit every one of these options with just a click. Also, if at any moment you have the desire to replace your site theme and pick a new one, all edits you have made will be switched over instantly.

A collection of easy to re–design site designs

Integrated help area and step–by–step videos

Discover how smooth it indeed is to kickstart a website

The Web Hosting Priced Right’s website generation tool is equipped with a help area which features comprehensive how–to articles and videos influenced by the most frequently asked questions by users.

You can find out how to change your site template and create a new web page. In addition, you will learn exactly how you can select a different template or perhaps install an image gallery onto your website.

Also, you could get hold of us 24/7/365 in case you need prompt help with your site.

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